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As our building codes have changed over the last 15 years, houses have gotten tighter and we don't get anywhere near the fresh air in our home that we used to.

The healthiest and most energy efficient home that you can live in is one where a small but consistent amount of air changes every hour. Done correctly, you are always breathing fresh air from outside instead of recycled air from inside the house. Even with filtration, fresh air is always better than recycled air.

The fresh air, brought into the home, passes through an HRV (heat recovery ventilator). The incoming air is warmed by the outgoing air, recovering energy, and reducing costs.

The heat is delivered from the floor creating even warmth throughout the living space and eliminating stratification. Humidity is produced through steam and it delivers a consistent, comfortable experience. Injecting humidity allows us to breath comfortably in our otherwise dry air conditions that are the norm in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

For more information, we recommend consulting the writings of Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.). Robert is a north American leader in healthy, and efficient heating in both commercial and residential construction, and provides a phenomenal resource that goes deep into what a complete indoor climate system can and should be:

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