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A brief explanation of hydronic heating...
Boiler(s) heat up water in a closed system and then deliver that heated water using circulating pumps to various heating outlets. Boilers, depending on brand, fully modulate and can achieve low fire rates of 10:1. This means that a 399,000btu boiler can run at energy inputs of 40,000BTUs. The lower a boiler can fire, the more efficient it is; the lower the water temperatures that the heating system can operate at, the more energy efficient the heating system is. Water is one of the best resources that we have in transferring heat from one location to another - it doesn't lose heat very fast and is able to transfer large amounts of energy in relatively small pipes when compared to traditional ducted furnace systems which use air as a means of transferring heat into a space.

Heating with water (hydronic heat) has been around since the times of Rome in their public bath houses. Now, in the age of high efficiency and modern home design, hydronic heat can deliver comfort all over your home. There are several ways of doing traditional, in-floor radiant. Some of our options include embedding heat pipes in concrete or gypsum, staple-up with heating plates to disperse the heat, warm board (best in the business) or quicktrac. When you want to add more heat to an area there are radiant walls or ceilings. Maybe you are just looking to heat up towels or jackets, in which case, we can integrate either modern or traditional radiators.

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